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F.a.q. & A Message From The Staff

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by allout, Sep 26, 2015.

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  1. #1 allout, Sep 26, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2015
    We have come so far. And in such a short period of time. Think about it, we've only existed for about two and a half months! It certainly feels longer than that to me. Our goal when this site was founded, was to provide a place where Fallout fans could discuss the games they love with each other, without fear of being harassed or ostracized for their opinion. And that hasn't changed. Although we want to become a place to discuss any and everything gaming-related, Fallout will always be a part of who we are for the foreseeable future, and we can't wait to see how this site continues to grow past the release of "the big one"--Fallout 4.

    No matter how big we may get, just remember this: this board is greater that just a piece of internet real estate. It's more than just a forum. Or a URL. Or a catchy title. This is a community. And we are a family. We may fight, we may argue, and we may disagree at times, but we are a family nonetheless, and that's what keeps things so entertaining. We encourage you to share your opinions, no matter what they are.

    Whether you've been here since the beginning, whether you're migrating from another community, or are starting out fresh, we welcome you and hope that you'll enjoy your time here.

    Keep Posting SB,
    Staff '15

    Feel free to ask any questions as you get a chance to navigate the site.
    For a listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please refer to the following:

    Why 'SugarBombed'?
    After a brief brainstorm, that's what we landed on. It might not be what you expect, but we wanted a name that could be recognized as related to Fallout as we have strong ties to the franchise, but not so much so that it would box us in to only be associated with Fallout. We want this to become a site about everything gaming. If you don't like it now, it'll grow on you.

    I'm new to forums in general, how do they work?
    If this is your first time on a forum, well I can't think of a better place to start! Everyday, our passionate members post great new topics of discussion in our many forum topics. Our most popular is obviously Fallout, and it is divided into multiple sections called subforums. For example, if you want to talk about the new Fallout 4 video, just go to the Fallout 4 section on the main forum page, and click on the Fallout 4 general discussion subforum. From there you'll see a list of different discussions, along with some pinned discussion threads that generate the most discussion or are a hot topic. Just scroll down until you find a subject you want to talk about, click on it, then scroll to the bottom and type in your thoughts and press "Post Reply". Your first forum post, simple as that! If you have something new you thought of about Fallout 4 or just asking others opinions, go to the appropriate section, click "Post New Thread" and type in the subject of what you're talking about, along with an appropriate tag if need be, type in your thoughts, and press "create thread" at the bottom. You can also choose to watch the thread or receive email notifications when someone responds to your thread by clicking the box below it. Of course, we have many other forums about various different games and subjects for you to discuss with others, including everything from other Bethesda games such as The Elder Scrolls, FPS games, music, and more! Before you jump into any of these fun topics however, you should introduce yourself to these fine folks in the introduction subforum .

    Why am I a radroach? Or why am I a {insert rank here} and why is my name colored?
    Your rank title is base off of how many posts and likes you have. Once you reach a certain amount of points, you'll gain a new rank. Different groups of users also have different colored names and banners below their names. The different groups are as follows:
    Red- Admins, this group consists of me allout, Potato, Red, and MrMattyPlays. We ultimately are in charge of the website, and decide it's rules and make changes to it. You'll see Red and I on the forums or in the Chat most often interacting with users, while Potato handles a lot of behind the scenes technical stuff and Matty provides additional support and frequents his forum.
    Green- Moderators, this group is tasked with patrolling the website, and making sure everything is running smoothly day to day. They make sure no one is breaking the rules and hand out warnings and punishments accordingly. They're also here to help you in any way they can, so reach out and talk to them, they don't bite! We are usually looking for new mods every few weeks or so, and when we are, you can apply in the Positions Available forum.
    Glowing purple- Glowing ones, this group consists of the first 100 SB users ever.
    Premium members can choose any color they want, and can also customize the symbol next to their name.

    What is premium?
    Premium is a special reward given to those who donate to us. We're always thinking of ways to improve the premium experience, but right now it consists of being able to have your own custom title, color, a special banner and symbol, along with a special premium only section, and direct access to our admins and youtubers. If you don't have premium you can still experience everything the site has to offer.

    Can I customize the forum?
    Yes! We have multiple themes for you to choose from besides the default one, just go to your name in the top right, click preferences, and click style, and a list will come up.

    I see SB has an article system. How do I participate?
    SB has a team of dedicated editors who work to publish original pieces about anything gaming related. These editors are divided into teams focused on different subjects with other writers that are under them. For more information, check out the full breakdown of the system here

    Are there any rules in the chat?
    The chat follows the same rules as the rest of the site. Just don't post multiple images consecutively as it tends to clog it up and disrupt conversation. You can talk about anything you want as long as you are not insulting others or harassing them etc.

    I want to post my self made gaming content on here. Where do I do that?
    Go to the Community Corner forum and then go to the Fan Creations subforum and post it there. If you have a youtube channel with 10k plus subs, you are eligible to receive a stickied thread in this section. If you have over 50k you may receive your own personal forum. If you have a twitch account you may apply to become an official SB streamer here . Just remember if you're going to post your own content, be sure to check out others as well.

    Is there an SB app?
    Not yet. Making apps requires lots of time and money. We hope to someday be able to make one.

    I have a problem with the site/a member. Where do I go?
    If you have any issues with the site or its staff, go to the Complaints forum and we will try our best to resolve the issue.

    I have a suggestion for a new forum or feature. Where do I go?
    Why go to the suggestions forum of course! We love to hear them!

    What is SBNN and when does it air?
    SugarBombedNewsNetwork aka Nuka News is a community ran radio station which broadcasts every so often at 9-10 pm EST.

    Miscellaneous site features:
    How to quote a post:
    Go to that specific post and press "reply", to quote multiple posts do this multiple times.

    How to mention other posters to get their attention
    To mention another member in your post, simply prefix their username with a "@". When done correctly, the other member will receive an alert that they have been mentioned in a thread. Ex: allout

    How to PM a user:
    Click on their name and press "start a conversation"

    Smileys can either be added by pressing the smiley face icon when you're posting or using a text shortcut using two colons and the name of the smiley.

    This list will be updated as needed
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  2. Giving you a quick heads up, I'm changing the Fallout forums tonight ;) That pm from DarkKitarist earlier do'
  3. Well shit. Guess I'll have to edit it already lol. :survivorbruh:
  4. Yep ;D If you wanna wait, should be up in about 10 minutes.
  5. It's up ;P
  6. Whoopi :D
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